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2018 Archive

Dec 18

Giving Back

One of our traditions at PM Environmental is to give back to the communities in which we reside.  In fact, it happens to be one of our core values.  Dedication to our business community...

Dec 17

Looking Beneath the Surface: A Primer on Underground Storage Tank Trust Funds

Could a state-supported underground storage tank (UST) trust fund offer relief for cleanup costs on your property? We address some common questions about these varied and sometimes...

Nov 20

Beyond the Balance Sheet: Understanding Environmental Liabilities in Mergers & Acquisitions

Pursuing a merger or acquisition? Make sure your valuation process considers all of the costs – including the cost of environmental compliance, deferred maintenance and legacy...

Oct 18

A Serving of Environmental Alphabet Soup

The field of environmental compliance has its own language, and it is a virtual alphabet soup of acronyms. While we won’t try to include them all, we’ve stirred together some of the...

Oct 18

Revised Requirements: Federal Underground Storage Tank Systems

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently updated their 2015 federal Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations.  The new set of requirements, which went into effect on...

Sep 20

Experts Corner: An Update on PFAS

Media coverage has generated significant awareness of and questions about the risks of perfluoroalkyl substances, chemicals also known as PFAS. 

Here, we provide...

Sep 20

Same Property, Different Conclusions: Why Environmental Site Assessments Vary From Report to Report

Some of the most common frustrations voiced by property purchasers and developers have to do with repetition and variation within the environmental due diligence process. Why is it...

Aug 21

A Guide to Pilot Testing

With recent changes to vapor regulations around the country, concerns about vapor intrusion have never been greater.  

Vapor intrusion, which threatens the indoor air quality of a...

Jul 18

Navigating the "Not Justs" of Industrial Hygiene

Don’t let these all-too-common, all-too-costly assumptions about environmental quality and industrial hygiene sideline your next hospital improvement or expansion project.