Case Studies
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Brownfield Redevelopment of the Former Melling Drop Forging Property in Lansing, Michigan

A Lansing based developer conducted comprehensive environmental services in support of the redevelopment of a contaminated industrial site in Lansing, Michigan. The planned reuse of the property was for Warehousing with Offices.

Based on the findings of Phase I and II ESAs, an expedient and cost-effective strategy for addressing contamination in soil at the site was recommended. The strategy involved soil excavation/removal during construction activities and the documentation to ensure liability protection (e.g., Baseline Environmental Assessment [BEA], Due Care Plan, Groundwater-Use Restriction).  The 11 plus acre industrial property was initially developed in the early 1900s as a drop forge and operated as such up until 2004.  Various metal parts were forged for the auto industry.  Numerous RECs were identified including USTs, ASTs, documented soil contamination, discharge of hazardous substances to floor drains, below ground equipment pits, asbestos, etc.

Two expedited Phase II ESA site investigations were conducted using PM Geoprobes and equipment to evaluate potential source areas, utility corridors and possible offsite migration of contamination. PM worked closely with the developer, the bank and the City of Lansing to determine the best approach to the project. It was decided that the best Brownfield approach to the project was through the Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA).