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Brownfield Redevelopment of a Portion of the Former Prudden Wheel Factory Property Located in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan

A major Ingham County based commercial/residential developer, conducted comprehensive environmental services in support of the redevelopment of a contaminated industrial site in Lansing, Michigan. The planned reuse of the property was for a residential apartment complex “The Prudden Place Apartments”.

Based on the findings of Phase I and II ESAs, an expedient and cost-effective strategy for addressing contamination in soil at the site was recommended. The strategy involved soil excavation/removal during construction activities and the documentation to ensure liability protection (e.g., baseline environmental assessment [BEA], due care plan, groundwater-use restriction).

The several acre industrial property was initially developed in the early 1900s as a wheel manufacturing company.  Initially wood wheels and then metal wheels were manufactured.   Numerous RECs existed.  Shallow soil contaminated with various petroleum products and hazardous substances including metals PNAs and VOCS were present.

A BEA was prepared.  Once the final locations of the proposed apartments were determined, PM Environmental, Inc. (PM) and the developer met with the MDEQ to discuss “Due Care” issues related to the development.  An area wide Superfund Groundwater Plume extends under the property and the responsible party Good Year Tire (parent company of Motor Wheel) had monitoring wells located under locations of proposed buildings.  High levels of arsenic and lead were present above Part 201 Residential Direct Contact Cleanup Criteria that presented a potential health hazard.  Discontinuous groundwater was present that was contaminated and had the potential to be exacerbated during construction activities.