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Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at a Textile Mill in Rockwood, Tennessee

PM Environmental, Inc. was retained to provide a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at a 90 year old textile mill located near downtown Rockwood, Tennessee. The property had been a textile mill since 1919 with various tenants and mill configurations.

Research from the Phase I ESA revealed the locations of former operations at the mill which could serve as potential contaminant source areas.  Based on the current and historic operations, a Phase II ESA was completed.  PM reviewed a previous Phase II ESA completed at the site, and customized a scope of work and cost to cure deficiencies in the previous Phase II ESA investigation.

Geoprobe borings were advanced through the interior portion of the building, and along the exterior areas.  The Phase II ESA determined that impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was present beneath the building in areas of historic operations. The results were compared with EPA Region IX Preliminary Remediation Goals (PRGs) for Industrial Properties, and found to be within acceptable ranges. Metal analysis were within acceptanle background ranges for the area.

The project was completed in a fast track status.  The time frame from initiation of the Phase I ESA to completion of the Phase II ESA was 28 days in order for the property transaction to take place prior to the end of the calendar year.