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Property Condition Assessment for Skilled Nursing and Senior Assisted Living Facilities in 22 Properties

PM Environmental conducted property condition assessments (PCA) for a portfolio of skilled nursing and senior assisted living facilities comprised of 22 properties located in seven states on the East and West Coasts of the United States. Facilities range in age from 30 to 50 years old and in size from 13,000 low-rise to 80,000+ square foot mid-rise structures. In total, the portfolio contains over 1M square feet and nearly 2,000 beds.

Amenities include fitness and rehabilitation areas, bathing rooms, kitchen and dining halls, laundry facilities,
and recreation rooms. Standard building components included: emergency power generators, fire  suppression, life emergency alarm systems, elevators, commercial kitchen equipment, medical oxygen and medical vacuum systems.

The PCA reports were used by the Client to evaluate the potential financial liabilities associated with  maintaining the properties. Some of the properties on the West Coast involved seismic studies, i.e. probable maximum loss (PML) reports. Each of the properties were evaluated for handicap accessibility.

The property management was proactive in capital improvements at the properties and had a capital budget calendar for short-term planned improvements which were incorporated into the PCA reports. Only a few of the properties had any indication of deferred maintenance. As such, critical costs were marginal. At the properties where short-term repairs were identified, the maintenance personnel tended to be recent hires with limited background about the property.

In that regard, the PCAs provided insight to areas of deferred maintenance such as: deteriorated roof membrane, obsolete rooftop HVAC equipment, moisture intrusion and stormwater ponding.