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PM Environmental Regional, Division, and Department Managers

The quality of our services starts with our people. Our team is comprised of engineers, architects, geologists, and former bank risk managers, among others, who have serviced clients of all sizes in both the public and private sectors. Click on the individual below to read their resume.

Michael T. Kulka, P.E.

Founder and CEO

Beth Sexton

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Perry

Chief Financial Officer

Steven E. Price, CHMM

Principal and Vice President

Greg Stephenson, P.G.

Principal and Vice President

J. Adam Patton, CHMM

Vice President

Kristin Gable

National Manager - Due Diligence

Jennifer L. Ritchie, C.P.G.

National Manager - Site Investigation Services

Curtis M. Lichy, P.G., C.P.G.

National Manager - Retail Petroleum Services

Jon M. Balsamo

National Manager - Industrial Hygiene Services

John W. Hargraves, P.G.

National Manager - Brownfield and Economic Incentives

Jessica DeBone

National Manager - Brownfield and Economic Incentives

Amanda Stone

Regional Manager - Due Diligence

Carey Kratz

Regional Manager - Due Diligence

Jackie Schafer

Regional Manager - Due Diligence

Nicholas Lieder

Regional Manager - Site Investigation Services

Elizabeth Masserang

Regional Manager - Economic Incentives

Wayne Krupp

Regional Manager - Industrial Hygiene Services

William Wagner

Regional Manager - Retail Petroleum Services

Christie L. Santiago

Regional Manager - Retail Petroleum Services

Jogi Panda, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Maryse Speckner

Senior Project Consultant

Wesley P. Henson, P.G.

Project Manager/Senior Geologist

Suzanne Evans, P.G.

Project Manager/Geologist

Alan S. Nicholls, C.P.G.

Manager - State Contract Services

Kevin M. Kruszewski, P.G.

Senior Environmental Risk Manager

David Pominski, P.G.

Senior Project Manager