Bank Environmental
Risk Policy Development
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With a staff of former Environmental Risk Officers, PM Environmental is uniquely qualified to develop environmental risk policies. We have assisted Chief Credit Officers, Chief Appraisers and Chief Lending Officers in the development of risk based environmental lending policies at dozens of financial institutions. PM Environmental offers full environmental policy development and implementation, staff orientation and training, and outsourced risk management services.

  • Benefit from the experience of former in-house bank environmental risk management professionals
  • Experience in the development of environmental policies for numerous lending institutions with total combined assets of more then $150 Billion
  • Environmental compliance with the FDIC
  • Environmental Liability assessments
  • PM Environmental’s professionals have prepared over 25,000 bank-specific risk reviews for all types of properties and transactions.
  • Environmental policy which covers all areas of potential risk including lending, foreclosure, bank purchase/divestiture, bank facilities management, and employee health and safety.
  • Development of policy decision Risk Matrices for clarity and efficiency.
  • Policy integration with documentation, underwriting, credit, and loan origination departments.
  • Policy training and orientation of bank employees.
  • Construction loan monitoring and Property Condition Assessments.

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