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Are you designing an air tight, energy efficient building?

Building Code officials from across the U.S. recently voted to pass a series of energy-saving code changes to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Architects, engineers, and contractors will now be required to demonstrate the air tightness of their building shell/envelope. Unintentional air leakage; the uncontrolled exchange of air between the inside and outside of the building shell, can add up to 30% or more to the heating and cooling costs of a typical building. In addition to increased operating costs; air leakage will cause moisture accumulation and mold growth within wall and ceiling cavities, unwanted HVAC imbalances, shortened equipment life, and the introduction of unwanted air pollutants.

Regardless of the building type or size, PM Environmental will certify that your building meets or exceeds the IECC 2012 air tightness standard. By including our experienced staff in your project from the start, our building shell review and testing department will insure that your building design is energy efficient, durable, and safe. Our architects, engineers and other technical staff members will conduct various tests throughout the construction process.

This includes (but is not limited to), plan review for proper air barrier design, blower door testing, thermal imaging, and smoke testing to ensure any shortcomings can be addressed as early and economically as possible.

Our clients can be assured of a low cost and efficient method of achieving code compliance. For more information, contact our experts in commercial and high rise building shell testing today.

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