Due Diligence for SBA Loans
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PM Environmental provides SBA Environmental Due Diligence services.  PM’s team of experts has in-depth knowledge and experience with the US Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, and consistently meets all requirements mandated by the SBA for environmental investigations. PM works with key parties to stay up-to-date with SOP appeals, changes and policy notices.

PM is approved by major capital market lenders and brokers and is a recognized leader in SBA environmental credit underwriting. 

Our team is comprised of Engineers, Geologists, Architects and Former Bank Risk Managers who offer you:

  • Lend assistance on adequate completion of environmental questionnaires
  • Record Search Risk Assessment (RSRA) - Desktop review, and thorough evaluation of environmental databases (i.e. governmental records historical records, aerial photos, Sanborn maps, and city directories), the property’s NAICS code and an environmental questionnaire
  • Consultation with stakeholders in advance to determine if property is suited for SBA. If not, will inform stakeholders in timely manner, before money is spent. 
  • Knowledge of SOP and all mitigating factors in detail
  • The best mitigating factors to close deals on impacted properties efficiently and in compliance with SOP
  • Lead, asbestos and mold services that SBA requires for certain loans, and supplies Geoprobe, GPR and full service remediation design to meet mitigating factors
  • All necessary on-staff professionals (i.e. professional engineers and geologists) to complete underground petroleum storage management and removal
  • All the necessary in-house professionals required to conduct Phase II assessments for dry cleaners and gas stations
  • Economic cost analysis to determine the most timely and economic mitigating factors when environmental conditions exist
  • Energy audits to support SBA Green 504 Loans
  • Evaluations of alternative funding sources for due diligence - state or federal site assessment grants

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