Geotechnical Investigations
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PM Environmental provides geotechnical investigations in support of site development projects. PM’s engineers and team of geotechnical support firms provides our clients with cost effective geotechnical investigations wherever the project may be.

Properly designed geotechnical investigations can result in improved foundation design and reduced construction costs. PM’s team provides our clients with representative information concerning subsurface recommendations for design and construction of many project types.

PM Environmental's geotechnical support firms maintain the drilling equipment and laboratories to complete the most basic to very sophisticated projects.

Our engineers and technicians plan and oversee geotechnical investigations including soil borings, exploratory excavations, laboratory analysis, evaluation of the data and engineering on many facets of a project. Typical components of a geotechnical investigation include the assessment of site preparation and earthworks activities, identification of applicable foundation systems, excavation support requirements, cut or fill slope stability, or pavement section design for a parking area.

If contamination is present on a property the geotechnical Investigation can often times be combined with the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment activities to optimize resources and reduce costs.

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