HUD Green
Physical Needs Assessments
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PM Environmental offers Green Physical Needs Assessments (GPNAs) as a part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financing for multifamily properties. Our GPNAs are completed under the guidelines from HUD and are a modification of the traditional ASTM Property Condition Assessment, ASTM E2018-08, standard with additional focus on energy and sustainability related recommendations that are applicable to the property.

GPNAs are assessments that focus primarily on improving the efficiency and sustainability of buildings as well as combining the requirements of a Physical Needs Assessment with an energy audit, a building survey, and an evaluation of green building upgrade opportunities.

The energy audit component of a Green Physical Needs Assessment is an analysis of the property’s energy usage, it’s building systems, operating conditions, and site conditions that can cause excessive energy use. The purpose of the energy audit is to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in a hierarchal manner that allows property owners to make informed decisions ranked by shortest payback period of the implemented ECM.

The green recommendations component to the GPNA discusses current property conditions and gives recommendations for traditional replacement options and, where appropriate, gives recommendations for green or environmentally friendly components.  A separate cost table is generated for green building component replacements so building owners can weigh the cost/benefit of implementing these recommendations.

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