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The Petroleum Compliance Services (PCS) adds to PM’s already full line of Retail Petroleum services that includes Underground Storage Tank management and removal, site investigation, remedial design and installation, operations and maintenance and state fund reimbursement assistance among others. 

The PCS group helps PM’s petroleum clients stay in substantial compliance with state and federal underground storage tank regulations, particularly those pertaining to monthly compliance adherence and water intrusion in sumps and over spill buckets.

  • Water Intrusion
    • Tank bottom water
    • Leaky sumps
    • Spill buckets
  • Certified third party tank and line testing
    • Pre and post burial testing
  • Dispenser and automatic tank gauge (ATG) maintenance and repairs
  • Dispenser calibration
  • Oil water separator maintenance
  • Spill response
  • Hydrostatic sump testing

Talk to our Petroleum Compliance Services team directly to understand how PM can help get you in compliance.

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