A Day in the Life of Carey Kratz

PM Environmental’s Regional Manager of Due Diligence sits down with us to provide a glimpse into her role, as well as share a bit of her personal life.


Q: Name, Title, Location 

Carey Kratz, Regional Manager – Due Diligence (Midwest), Berkley-Lansing


Q: Tell us a little about your role and what you do. 

As a Regional Manager for Due Diligence, I supervise the Due Diligence staff for the entire Midwest region. I also provide bid information (costs and TAT) and assign out projects for the entire Midwest, except for Southeast Michigan and affordable housing. Additionally, I am currently a job coach and I also assist with client communication.


Q: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about the industry?   

In general, people do not realize how much work goes into a Phase I ESA report and how well rounded a person must be to complete one, at least a quality report. A good Phase I will provide a complete history of a property and adjoining properties going back into the 1800s for highly urban areas. We use a variety of historical resources to complete a full picture. In order to complete a Phase I ESA, a person must possess a number of skill sets including being an excellent communicator, a good and efficient writer, enjoy both field and desktop work, and be very detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills.


Q: What has been your favorite part of your career? 

I have met a lot of interesting people both as co-workers and as an owner or occupant. Also, I have learned so much about the world around me, both good and bad, that I would have never known otherwise.


Q: How would you describe your team? 

My team members have a wide range of experience and age. I have some staff that are at 5+ years and some that are only six months into their careers, and others somewhere in between. They are located throughout lower Michigan with staff assigned to three Michigan office locations (although most work remotely the majority of the time). Most of us have environmental or geology-related degrees.


Q: What do you keep on your desk?

I have my computer, mouse, two monitors, a lamp, a calendar, my cell phone, pencil/pen holder, a squishy owl for stress relief, a surface pro that I use mostly for music, and some note pads/sticky notes. I am a bit OCD when it comes to organization and minimal clutter.


Q: How do you like to unwind after a long day?

I like to spend time with my husband and kids, whether it be running around to after school activities or just hanging around at home. I recently joined a gym, so if I need to burn off some stress or extra calories, I may head over there for a bit.


Q: When you think of leadership, who has influenced you the most?

This question was a difficult one for to me answer (although Steve Price urged me to choose him 😊). After much thought, I decided to go with the late Pat Summitt, former head coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team (1974-2012). She led by example and was one of the greatest and toughest coaches (men and women) of all time. Sadly, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2011 and died in 2016. In 2017, the NCAA established the Pat Summitt Award to recognize individuals who positively influence college athletes. She is the only person to have two basketball courts utilized by Division I basketball teams named in her honor, and she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Publication Details

February 10, 2023


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