Case Studies

Cordova, AL

Brownfield Redevelopment, EPA Grant Study – Downtown Cordova, AL

Looking to revitalize communities, The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) retained PM Environmental, a Pinchin Company (PM) to provide Economic Incentive Consulting. With PM’s assistance, an EPA Assessment Grant of $500,000 was secured for the Region in 2022. Established in 1963, RPCGB provides planning services for 6 counties…

Lansing, Michigan

Brownfield Redevelopment of Capital City Market in Lansing, Michigan

Located along Michigan Avenue in Downtown Lansing sat a once underutilized site – the home of a now long-awaited redevelopment. PM Environmental (PM) was brought in to perform the site’s initial environmental due diligence services, and as the environmental needs increased, so did PM’s involvement. Discovering historic underground storage tanks…

United States

Brownfield Redevelopment of 7.Liv Revitalizes Avenue of Fashion in Detroit, Michigan

The Avenue of Fashion, running along Livernois Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, the former B.Siegel department store was a top destination for retail shopping during the mid-20th century. The Avenue of Fashion district is a vital area for Detroit’s northwest neighborhoods along with this project aligning closely with the energy for…

Gallatin, TN

Leaking Underground Storage Tank in Idyllic Countryside of Gallatin, Tennessee

Planted just 30 miles northeast of Nashville, sits the town of Gallatin, Tennessee, with its idyllic countryside and historic downtown. Once voted the “The Nicest Place in America” by Reader’s Digest, Gallatin was a pivotal location during the American Civil War while also being the home to the seventh president…

United States

Brownfield Redevelopment of 607 Shelby in Downtown Detroit

Standing tall in Downtown Detroit and located in the Central Business District (CBD) and the Historic Detroit Financial District stands the 607 Shelby building. What was historically known as the U.S. Mortgage Bond Building that opened in 1925, has since been rehabbed and repositioned as a mixed-use building with a…

United States

Brownfield Redevelopment of Unmatched Living at Peerless Flats in Grand Haven, Michigan

Located moments from the shoreline of Lake Michigan and in the inviting downtown of Grand Haven, Michigan is the unmatched living of Peerless Flats. The ten-parcel property previously consisted of four buildings on four acres with three of the buildings being residential and constructed in the early 1900s. The property…

United States

Phase I ESA for Former Crest Motel in Howell, Michigan

For decades the Crest Motel operated in Howell, Michigan before foreclosure in 2018. After standing unoccupied, PM Environmental, a Pinchin Company was called upon to do a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on the approximately 5,000-square foot building. With PM completing its exceptional Phase I ESA, the building will…

United States

Inspiration Landing/Lady Ensley Coming to Life in Sheffield, AL as part of Brownfield Redevelopment

Located on the southern banks of the Tennessee River sits the city of Sheffield, Alabama. Once a thriving industrial city with multiple lumber, metal, and aluminum manufacturing sites. The EPA awarded $400,000 for cleanup of hazardous substances and petroleum sites within applicable municipal limits and parts of surrounding Carroll County….

United States

Brownfield Redevelopment of Former Cadillac Stamping Plant

The former Cadillac Stamping Plant, a massive vacant manufacturing facility has been a staple of Detroit’s eastside since 1919. The parcels were originally developed as residential dwellings, a manufacturing building, a railroad property, and various commercial and industrial functions. In 1925 the plants focus shifted towards automobiles, working for the…