Environmental Risk Management & Due Diligence

  • Complete Comprehensive Assessments
  • ASTM Standard Practice E 1527-13
  • In-house Proactive Audit Program

Building Condition Assessments

  • Property Condition Assessments (PCA)
  • Energy & Sustainability Consulting
  • Asbestos, Lead-Paint and Hazardous Materials

Economic Development Consulting

  • EPA Grant Procurement & Management
  • Financial Incentives for Brownfields

Construction & Remediation

  • Contaminated Site Remediation
  • Demolition Consulting & Oversight
  • Underground Storage Tank Management

Multi-Family & Affordable Housing

  • State LIHTC & HUD Project Capital Needs Assessments (CNA/PCNA)
  • Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA)
  • Rental Assistance Demonstration Physical Condition Assessment (RPCA)
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Know Your Risk. Take Control.

Work With the Experts.

When it comes to your project, you need to know what you’re getting into. That’s where PM Environmental comes in.

PM Environmental is an environmental risk expert focused on business-minded solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in consulting and managing a wide variety of environmental, engineering, industrial hygiene, energy and development projects.

We understand the science involved, the regulations that must be adhered to and the need to provide you specific, relevant information so you understand your options and can make solid business decisions.

When you work with PM Environmental, you know what you’re getting into, so you can maximize what you get out of your project.


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PM Environmental: It's What We Do


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