A Day in the Life of Jon Balsamo

PM Environmental’s National Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services sits down with us to provide a glimpse into his perspective on the industry, as well as share how to be a good leader.

Q: Name, Title, Location:

Jon M. Balsamo: National Manager, Industrial Hygiene Services, Berkley, Michigan

Q: Tell us a little about your role and what you do.

I manage the Industrial Hygiene Services (IHS) Department and work with our clients on a variety of environmental issues, but primarily asbestos, lead paint, indoor air quality and mold related and how it impacts their existing buildings or future renovations. I work with the IHS staff and help coordinate field work, generating reports and the appropriate recommendations. I also promote business development by attending various conferences and networking events.

Q: What does the future of this industry look like?

The exciting part of what we do in IHS is working with our clients on redevelopment, building renovations or demolition. Whether it is a vacant building, commercial property, healthcare facility, or affordable housing, there are environmental regulations that must be followed prior to work being performed.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your career? 

Working with different clientele and different projects. Each one brings its own set of challenges, and most projects are unique, as each site and building is different from each other. I have always enjoyed being part of redevelopment projects, and seeing what the end results are after our service is completed.

Q: What motivates you to work hard? 

The satisfaction of meeting our clients’ needs and working with them on finding the best solution for their issues.

Q: What book would you most recommend for personal or professional growth?

For anyone who is looking to get into a career as an Industrial Hygienist, I would recommend the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene. It is a great overview of the different types of contaminants, exposures, risks, regulations, engineering controls, personal protective equipment, that we experience and use on a daily basis.

Q: What are some of the most important decisions you have to make as a leader?

Prioritizing. Being organized and shuffling around projects and staff assignments/responsibilities. It is not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise that result in quick thinking responses, and the need to address each client with professionalism and the timely response they deserve.

Q: What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess?

The ability to mentor. As the manager of the IHS Department, one of my primary functions is to listen, guide, and support my staff as they grow in their careers.

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June 9, 2023


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