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April 7, 2010
Nov 14

Why do I need to worry about vapor intrusion?

Why do I need to worry about vapor intrusion?

Vapor intrusion results from chemical vapors emanating from contaminated soil or groundwater that impacts the indoor air of a...

Oct 21

Common Misconceptions about Asbestos

Whether you are planning on renovating an older building or demolishing a structure to make way for something new, it is important to consider the presence of asbestos.


Oct 3

Immediate Funding Available for Detroit Projects

The City of Detroit has funding from the US EPA that needs to be used quickly for environmental assessment activities (Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, or Baseline Environmental Assessments...

Aug 24

New Hurdles to Closing an SBA Loan on Contaminated Property in Michigan

Closing a US Small Business Administration (SBA) loan on a contaminated site just became more complicated in Michigan. 

Recent changes made by the Michigan Department of...

Aug 2

Do Drones Have a Place in the Phase I ESA Process?

Google the phrase, ‘use of drones in engineering’ and a plethora of listings will populate your screen.  From performing cell tower inspections to farming to delivering packages, drone...

Jun 30

Experts Corner: Time is Up New Jersey. Get Your Remedial Action Permit Now!

If you’re a property owner in New Jersey with a Conditional No Further Action Letter, you may be affected by recent regulatory changes. 

Last month, PM Environmental reached out...

May 12

Don't Let the Detroit Lead Ordinance Surprise You

If you own rental properties in Detroit built before 1978, there is a good chance that you’re out of compliance with the city’s lead ordinance.  According to Detroit Health Department...

May 5

Do you always need a Radon Inspection Report for HUD multifamily project applications?

Radon detection and mitigation is a priority for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Since 2013, HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing policy has required radon...

Apr 15

Experts Corner: What Can I Use from Past Environmental Reports?

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future. Theodore...

Mar 1

Experts Corner: Petroleum Marketers and the Ticking Clock

The clock keeps ticking for petroleum marketers since the EPA’s revisions to the Underground Storage Tank Regulation (40 CFR Parts 280 and 281) in July of 2015 and the liability shift...