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Our team of professional experts has extensive knowledge and experience, dedicated to helping you integrate your business objectives with a deep understanding of both natural and built environments.

Environmental Engineering Services

PM Environmental is a leading environmental risk consulting firm specializing in pragmatic business solutions. With over three decades of experience, we provide top-tier environmental risk consulting and due diligence services tailored to meet the needs of a diverse client base. As industry leaders, we engage actively with stakeholders and stay updated on regulations affecting due diligence.

Our Berkley team of environmental consultants offers the following risk management and due diligence services:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental Transaction Screens
  • Limited Due Diligence Reports
  • Due Care & Continuing Obligations
  • Environmental Due Diligence for SBA Loans
  • Bank Environmental Risk Policy Development
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Baseline Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessment
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment & Testing
  • Expert Witness Litigation Services

Industrial Hygiene Consultants

PM Environmental provides assessments and management programs for asbestos, lead paint, and hazardous materials for renovation and demolition projects across various building types. Our industrial hygiene consultants are certified in multiple relevant fields and excel in preparing bid specifications, removal scopes of work, and remediation plans, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Asbestos Services
  • Lead Paint Services
  • Radon Testing
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Building Decommissioning Services

Remediation & Construction Support

PM Environmental's licensed professionals offer extensive experience in remediation and construction support. We manage critical project issues and provide cleanup in compliance with regulations, handling subsurface investigations for contamination with our in-house equipment and flexible scheduling.

  • Contaminated Site Remediation
  • Environmental Contracting
  • Underground Storage Tank Management
  • Field Services and Drilling
  • GPR & Private Utility Location
  • Erosion Control Assessment
  • Demolition Consulting & Oversight
  • PFAS Investigation, Treatment, and Consulting Services

Economic Development Consulting

PM Environmental's economic development consulting revitalizes contaminated and obsolete properties for communities and developers. We guide owners and communities through the brownfield process, transforming underutilized properties into valuable assets. We offer support in EPA grant applications, brownfield tax increment financing, and grant management, making significant brownfield projects achievable.

  • Financial Incentives for Brownfields
  • Grant Procurement & Management

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