Making Challenge Detroit Happen

PM CEO and Founder Michael Kulka was among the panelists in Challenge Detroit’s “The People Who Make It Possible” session during last week’s host company orientation. PM has been a Challenge Detroit host company since the program’s inception, and Kulka was selected as a Challenge Detroit Board Member in April of this year.

The panelists included two alumni fellows, Jessy Wang and Sarah Robb, Board Member, Donor & Host Company Partner Frank Angileri, Board Member and Host Company Partner Charles Burns, and Year Three Challenge Partner Asha Shajahan.

The group discussed why companies feel compelled to participate in the Challenge Detroit program and the benefits it brings.

“Our companies participate in the program for a variety reasons, but we consistently see that these organizations have a passion for Detroit and want to play an integral role in the city’s revitalization efforts,” said Deirdre Greene Groves, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Challenge Detroit.

Also covered were some of the best ways companies engage the Fellows during their year tenure.

“We like to include them in our work and social activities to show them both sides of our staff and let them know that the professional environment includes fun,” said Kulka. “These young people are talented and driven, so we try to involve them in different types of opportunities within our company to demonstrate they can fit well into any number of them.” 

The objective of the event was to give new Host companies and idea of what to expect in the upcoming year as well as to show some of the best practices in involving Fellows in company activities.  There are 27 host companies in the Challenge Detroit program this year.  Participating companies come from a range of industries including professional sports teams, energy companies, hospitals and environmental and engineering consultants. 

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May 31, 2017


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