PM Environmental Clients Awarded $1.3 Million for Brownfield Programs in Michigan and Mississippi

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it awarded $1.325 million in assessment grants to three PM Environmental clients. The money will be used to conduct assessments and hazardous material surveys on brownfield properties throughout Mississippi and Michigan. 

“Each of these communities are very deserving of this success and will prove so under these awards,” said Jessica DeBone, PM Environmental Brownfield and Economic Incentive Consultant. 

PM prepared the successful applications for three clients in Oakland County, Michigan; Hernando and Yazoo City, Mississippi. PM may also be involved with grant management and environmental assessment activities if selected.

There are multiple types of grant-funded categories in the EPA’s highly competitive Brownfields Program including: planning, job training, assessment, cleanup, and revolving loan fund.

Assessment grants provide funding for brownfield planning, environmental assessments, inventories, and community outreach. 

To apply for an assessment grant, applicants must submit a proposal for the grant type that they are applying for and each proposal must address the selection criteria outlined in the guidelines. 

The PM Brownfield team researched and wrote the three grant proposals, and consisted of John Hargraves, Brownfields Group Regional Manager, Jessica DeBone, Brownfield and Economic Incentive Consultant, Elizabeth Masserang, Brownfield and Economic Incentive Consultant, Stacey DeSantis, Brownfield and Economic Incentive Consultant, Lindsey Sorensen, Senior Researcher, and Carrie Donohoe, staff consultant. 

“These grants are a collaborative effort between John Hargraves, who builds the initial relationships with the clients, to the researchers that help provide vital information for the grant writers to effectively write a winning application,” said DeBone. 

Over the past four years, PM Environmental has secured 12 grants which total $4.725 million, for various communities in Michigan and the Mid-South.

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May 30, 2017


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