PM Environmental Selected as Response Action Contractor for State Lead Alabama Tank Trust Fund Contract Program

PM Environmental (PM) was recently selected as a Response Action Contractor with The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) under a new State Lead Alabama Tank Trust Fund Contract Program.  

The program will be funded through the Alabama Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Trust Fund (ATTF) and will provide a process for Response Action Contractors to complete investigative and corrective action activities at various inactive Trust Fund eligible sites where there is no viable tank owner.  

Investigative and corrective action activities will include soil and groundwater quality assessments, developing risk-based corrective action limits, developing and implementing soil and groundwater corrective action plans at sites where a petroleum release has occurred from either an underground or aboveground storage tank, and emergency response activities.  

“We knew about these eligible inactive sites for some time and spent some effort trying to ferret out a few sites to locate someone who might be able to authorize work orders and cost proposals with no success. We were delighted to hear that the recommendation went before the Alabama Tank Trust Fund Board to provide the Department with a process to complete cleanups at inactive sites and the Board approved it. We are very excited to be selected to work with the Department on this group of sites,” said PM’s Principal and Vice President, Greg Stephenson. 

PM was one of thirteen firms selected for the new program. The program allows for a maximum of $400,000 per Response Action Contractor and will expire on February 29th, 2024.   

The new program joins Alabama’s robust ATTF, which provides financial assurance funds for leaking underground and aboveground storage tanks where this is a viable tank owner. The fund, which requires tank operators and owners to pay a deductible to be eligible for reimbursement should a leak occur, covers up to $1.75 million per occurrence.   

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April 25, 2022