Wayne Krupp Promoted to Regional Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services

PM Environmental is pleased to announce the promotion of Wayne Krupp to Regional Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services.

PM prides itself on hiring individuals with a high degree of proficiency as well as developing notable talent. A clear example of this is Wayne’s advancement to Regional Manager. 

Krupp joined PM as a Staff Consultant in 2006. Over the past 10 years, he’s transitioned from Staff Consultant to Project Industrial Hygienist to Project Manager to Senior Project Consultant and now Regional Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services for Michigan. 

“I was really excited to hear about this promotion,” said Krupp. “I recently had my ten-year anniversary and our department has seen continued growth in workload and staffing, so this was great timing. PM has been a great place to grow throughout my tenure.” 

He has over a decade years of industry experience, and specializes in asbestos and, lead assessments, management services, Building Science and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments. 

He has also managed numerous large scale commercial decommissioning projects, hundreds of multi-family redevelopment projects, and conducted technical report development for various large scale development portfolios. 

In his new role, Krupp will guide the Industrial Hygiene staff through projects, timelines and budgets. He will also work with staff on technical aspects of each of PM’s department service lines to better develop its work product. 

“Throughout my career, PM has shown remarkable growth and it only appears to continue,” said Krupp. “It is great to be part of this and continue the journey with a leader in the industry.”

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May 30, 2017


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