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May 15

In Environmental Due Diligence: The Transaction's the Thing

Environmental due diligence is an unavoidable part of a commercial real estate transaction. But how much diligence is enough? How long will the process take? How much will it cost?...

Apr 19

Navigating NEPA

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is expansive, exhaustive and inescapable. For developers in the affordable housing segment, HUD approval hinges on demonstrating that...

Apr 18

How is Groundwater Sampling Done? {Infographic}

When Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) are found on a property, the next step of action is to...


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PM Environmental Celebrates 25 Years in Business

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PM Environmental: It's What We Do


Your questions about Michigan's new UST Cleanup Fund answered

Experts from PM Environmental, Michigan Petroleum Association and Knaggs, Harter, Brake & Schneider, discuss Michigan's new MUSTA fund and answer viewer questions.

Mississippi Economic Redevelopment Act

Experts from PM Environmental, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and Jones Walker LLP, discuss opportunities available under the Mississippi Economic Redevelopment Act.

Building Communities: Your Guide to the RAD Program

Experts from PM Environmental, Berkley Point and RAD Conversion Specialists, discuss the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program and help you decide whether it is right for your agency.