ASTM E2600-15

Vapor intrusion into property structures can have a significant impact on the value of a real estate property. The (ASTM) published the E2600-15 standard to deal with the issue of vapor intrusion and screening for vapor intrusion during real estate transactions. These changes updated the previous standard on vapor encroachment screening, the ASTM E2600-10 standard.

Why is Vapor Risk Important?

When any recognized environmental condition is present on a commercial property, it can affect occupancy, cash flow, business operations and the overall property value. Contaminants found in the groundwater or soil of a property are a concern. However, some contaminants can be released in vapor form from the groundwater or soil below a property, which may pose serious health risks for occupants of the property.

This can disrupt normal business activity, result in the renegotiation or breaking of leases, and lower the overall value of the property – All items a future property owner would like to avoid.

ASTM E2600-15

The ASTM E2600-15 standard exists to provide guidance on the steps involved to assess vapor migration risk of a property during pre-transaction environmental due diligence. The guide consists of Scope and Significance of Use information, which includes a wide range of information on the Vapor Encroachment Screening process, who is qualified to conduct the VES, and testing methods involved, such as sub-slab soil gas sampling.

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