Greg Stephenson, P.G.

Lee Gregory Stephenson is a Principal and Vice President at PM Environmental, Inc. and has served clients in 11 states throughout the Southeastern United States and Alaska since 1990.  Stephenson has managed portfolios of projects during his tenure including environmental due diligence, corrective action design, remediation, acquisitions, divestitures, new to industry site development, wetland banking, SPCC, NPDES, oil water separators, NEPA, FAA audits, and environmental compliance and risk initiatives.  

He has successfully achieved regulatory closure of hundreds of Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites through the Southeastern United States and Alaska. 

Areas of expertise

  • Program manager for multiple major oil clients handling portfolios of sites in various stages of assessment and remediation within trust fund programs
  • Hired for Expert Witness testimony for a soil and groundwater remediation site in Alabama
  • Senior project manager for a refined products transporter. Aided in reviewing and cross referencing System Integrity Plan with EPA CFR’s to ensure the plan met or exceeded the Federal Regulations. Reviewed and commented on Facility Response Plans and implemented programs with client to ensure routine updates for the response programs
  • Senior project manager for multiple Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) projects throughout the Southeastern United States
  • Senior project manager for environmental regulatory compliance audits
  • Senior project manager for numerous LUST projects including the removal and in-place closures, contaminant delineation, and remediation using Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) procedures
  • Developed and implemented a compliance program for oil water separators at multiple locations throughout the Southeastern United States
  • Senior project manager of operations and maintenance of over 45 remedial sites throughout the Southeastern United States and Alaska
  • Review of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) groundwater and surface water discharge permit applications and routine Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)
  • Senior project manager over numerous construction projects that included hazardous material abatement, demolition, renovation, and minor construction activities
  • Senior project manager over numerous methamphetamine survey, decontaminations, and post decontamination surveys
  • Senior project manager over new-build program for petroleum clients
  • Technical project manager for Brownfield assessment grant programs in middle Tennessee


Tennessee Technological University B.S. Major Geology, Minor Business


OSHA 1910.120 Hazardous Waste 8-hour Supervisor Training
OSHA 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Training Level B
Confined Space Entry Training
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Soil Erosion Planning and Management
TDEC Storm Water Pollution Prevention Workshop
TDEC Approved Methamphetamine Contractor and Hygienist
American Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR Training
Meets the definition of Environmental Professional as defined in § 312.10 of 40 CFR 312


Professional Geologist
State of Tennessee No. 1324
State of Alabama No. 742
State of Kentucky No. 1915

Certified Methamphetamine Hygienist
State of Tennessee No. CML-H 0305-06