Brownfield Redevelopment of Unmatched Living at Peerless Flats in Grand Haven, Michigan

Located moments from the shoreline of Lake Michigan and in the inviting downtown of Grand Haven, Michigan is the unmatched living of Peerless Flats. The ten-parcel property previously consisted of four buildings on four acres with three of the buildings being residential and constructed in the early 1900s.

The property was once home to Stanco Metal Products in the 1980s before Stanco expanded and moved to the neighboring township, leaving the property vacant. Previous existing buildings consisted of a hotel, a saw shop, auxiliary buildings, and additional residences.

Prior to Peerless Flats coming to life, PM Environmental, a Pinchin Company (PM) was called for many services including a Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, NEPA, pre-demolition ACM, Asbestos Abatement Oversight, EGLE Brownfield Grant Application, Act 381 Work Plan, Vapor Intrusion Design and Oversight, BEA and DDCC and Groundwater Treatment.

During PM’s Phase I assessment, various RECs were discovered due to a former presence of a barber shop, warehouse, and oil shop. During its Phase II ESA, the soil borings verified the presence of TCE, Benzene, VOCs, PNAs, PFAS, chromium, mercury, and selenium. Groundwater and soil gas analysis also revealed the presence of contaminants, so PM performed vapor intrusion and oversight.

Along with the services that PM provided, our team worked with the project team and City of Grand Haven to prepare a Brownfield Plan and Act 381 Work Plan for Brownfield Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and submittal for EGLE Grant funding. Work that earned the property $900,000 in an EGLE Grant and $900,000 in an EGLE Grant Loan along with a TIF of $4.78 million (EGLE & MSF).

The property now known as Peerless Flats has four buildings that houses 124 studio, one-and two-bedroom apartments. The development also includes a 4,300-square foot community building that includes a kitchenette, meeting space, exercise area and community room. The grounds feature an outdoor recreation space complete with a pool, outdoor seating area, fire pit, dog park and bike racks.

Important Aspects:

  • Various industrial activities took place on the ten-parcel property for over 100 years before Peerless Flats was constructed.
  • A Phase I ESA revealed various Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), necessitating a Phase II ESA.
  • After demolition of existing structures and installation of a vapor mitigation system, four apartment buildings and several townhomes were constructed.

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