Hit F5: Does Your Risk Management Policy Need to be Refreshed?

As 2017 comes to a close, the real estate market is entering a phases of moderating property values. Lenders should be turning a close eye on their risk management practices. The impact an environmental issue may have on a property’s value is more significant as prices decline. 

On December 6th, four industry experts will take a candid look at the importance of robust risk management at this stage of the market cycle. 

Risk management has significantly evolved from the early days of “Phase I or no Phase I?” decisions based solely on loan size, while other areas, such as the alignment of the appraisal function and environmental risk management function, are still evolving. 

This webinar provides valuable arguments for Risk managers who are being challenged to make a case for tighter underwriting. Attendees will also learn more about the future direction of regulatory guidance to better reflect budding industry best practices. 

Webinar: Hit F5: Does Your Risk Management Policy Need to be Refreshed?



  • K.C. Conway, MAI, CRE, Economist, Counselor of Real Estate, Valuation Expert



  • Michael Pereira, CHMM, VP – Environmental Risk Officer, Umpqua Bank
  • Michael Kulka, Founder and CEO, PM Environmental, Inc.
  • Duane Beck, Enterprise Accounts Director, Lender Solutions, EDR