PM Environmental Now Providing OSHA Asbestos Class III Operations and Maintenance Training

PM Environmental’s (PM) Industrial Hygiene (IH) Department is now providing OSHA Asbestos Class III Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Training to property managers and contractors. The 16-hour course, spanning two days, is designed to train workers on performing small-scale asbestos repair and disturbance work for asbestos containing materials (ACM) that have been identified in their buildings or projects. 

Currently, we are offering day one of the course virtually, consisting of an overview and background on what asbestos is and how it was used in building construction. This portion of the course dives into rules and regulations, medical requirements, and respirator usage. As COVID 19 restrictions are lifted, this portion of the call will be offered in person. The second day includes hands-on training, where trainees move through a series of stations and perform small-scale asbestos removal or repair work. This can include replacing damaged asbestos containing floor tiles, pipe insulation removal or attaching a light fixture to an asbestos containing ceiling. The hands-on portion can be geared to the attendee’s needs for their upcoming projects, or the types of asbestos found in their buildings.

The training will prepare attendees to complete tasks that require small amounts of asbestos disturbance. The OSHA Asbestos Class III O&M Training is a great option for those looking to perform small scale asbestos abatements in-house without having to hire an abatement contractor. 

The training is spearheaded by Rich Michalski, an Industrial Hygiene project manager at PM who has served clients in multiple states for over 15 years. Michalski specializes in asbestos and lead project management associated with construction and demolition projects. PM’s Regional Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services, Wayne Krupp, and National Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services, Jon Balsamo, are also helping to lead the program.

When asked about the training, Balsamo stated, “Not only will this training allow facility owners and contractors to perform small-scale removal inhouse, but it will also save them time and money. They [attendees] can perform the work immediately if a situation has occurred that needs immediate attention, without having to hire and wait for an asbestos abatement contractor to arrive to address their needs.”

PM also offers a shorter, 2-hour asbestos awareness training option for those looking to get a brief overview of asbestos rather than hands-on training. The 2-hour asbestos awareness course is ideal for those who will not be disturbing ACM.

For those interested in either training session, please contact PM’s IH Department.


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